Unit 1 Lesson 4: Ancient China

We made posters today. Ask your child what there's was about?

Here's more of what we learned:

  • Quote: "There is no royal road to geometry" -Euclid
  • Greek Roots: Dyno- power, Tele- far
  • Poster Work: Confucius, Silk and the Silk Road, the Terra Cotta Warriors, The Great Wall, China's geography, the Forbidden City
  • Euclid "Father of Geometry" 320-275 B.C.
  • Played a game of Golf

Keep reading Archimedes and the Door of Science- our big group book discussion/party will be Monday, November 5, at 7:00- everyone's invitied.
(Scholars need to have read the book in order to join in this awesome event!)

Next Week:

Tuition is due
We will finish up our Ancient China unit. Get ready for Ancient India!


Thank you to Abigail C for teaching the class how to make slip knot bracelets. She was a great teacher and the kids caught on fast. 

Adam will teach the class next week (about 10 min.)

We also played a game of dominoes with geometric shapes on them

Next week we will start working on penmanship


  • Keep reading Archimedes and the Door of Science. This is not required, but you will probably enjoy it. Not only will you be smarter, but the book discussion will be more meaningful if you do. Reading as a family or with a parent or sibling is a great idea.

Scholar History

Caiden brought some pretty cool insturments to show the class: Mbira, Indonesian flute- Suling, Melodica, and a Ukalele. Oh, and if you haven't heard of a theremin, look it up! Thanks, Caiden! We had fun playing with them.

Ruby is next in line to teach!

We also:

  • Used Euclid's algorithm to find the GCD of 2 numbers.
  • Learned what a paradigm is and how centering our lives around principles is healthy


  • Read more of Archimedes and the Door of Science
  • Read Ch. 3, "The Personal Bank Aocount" in 7 Habits for Teens. We will discuss it next Tuesday
  • Fill in the accountability report throughout the week and bring it in Tuesday
  • Finish The GCD Euclid homework
  • Do the Baby Step Goals for 7 Habits