Unit 1-2 Lesson 7: Ancient India/Vikings

India: King Asoka and the Gupta Dynasty; Viking Raiders

Here's more of what we're learning:

  • Quote: "it's not what happens to you, its what you do about it." W. Mitchell
  • Greek Roots: Geo- earth, Muse- the think deeply 
  • Mathematician: Heron 75 A.D- Greek engineer: area of a triangle, finding the square root
  • History: India- King Asoka, the Gupta Dynasties, Viking Raiders
  • Crafting with baking clay: created a ring based on the Viking style
  • Penmanship: g, q, c

Just over 1 week left! Keep reading Archimedes and the Door of Science- our big group book discussion/party will be Monday, November 5, at 7:00- everyone's invitied.
(Scholars need to have read the book in order to join in this awesome event!)

Mad Science Party Next Week!

  • October 30th in class
  • Parties will begin the last hour of each class.
  • All students are invited to bring a science experiment to show the class and explain how it works.
  • You are welcome to dress up and bring a treat to share.
  • Family and Friends are invited!


 We got to see and touch real bayonettes used in WWII as Ashton explained all about them: hilt, scabbard, how they were made and used. It was pretty cool.

Daniel K will teach the class Nov. 6th (about 10 min.)


  • Bring a science experiment to show the class next week.
  • Work on your goals!
  • Finsh reading Archimedes and the Door of Science. This is not required, but you will probably enjoy it. Not only will you be smarter, but the book discussion will be more meaningful if you do. Reading as a family or with a parent or sibling is a great idea.

Scholar History

Nate told the class a bit about the history of video games and different game genres using a well put together power point. Did you know Pong, released in 1970, was the 1st home game? Brings back memories! Nate is currently building his own game! Cool!

Jarem is next in line to teach on Nov. 6th

We also:

  • Discussed how we can overcome roadblocks and setbacks by having a positive attitude. We looked into the inspriing life of W. Mitchell. 


  • 7 Habits paper: Choose one of 4 assignments to write about- due the 31st!
  • Finish Archimedes and the Door of Science- you must read it to attend the party!
  • Read to pg. 85 in 7 Habits for Teens. 
  • Fill in your accountability report throughout the week and bring it in Tuesday
  • Math: (2 worksheets) Heron: Learn the secret tricks of how to find the area of a triangle and how to find square roots  
  • Bring a science experiment to show the class for our Mad Science Party during the last hour next week.