• Quote: "Our Lord it is Who gives all who walk in His way, victory over things apparently impossible." Christopher Columbus
  • Greek Root: Photo- light, Chroma- color
  • History:The courage and perserverance of Christopher Columbus. The kids listened to the story of how he got funding, ships, and crew to sail his 1st voyage. We did a little acting and learned what it means to be a leader and a follower. 
  • Penmanship: h

Next Week: We are going to learn about explorers that came after Columbus: Balboa, Cabot, Vespucci, Ponce de Leon, and Magellan

Are you loving "The King's Fifth" by Scott O'Dell?
Discussions are powerful.
Join us Monday, January 7th at 7:00!  You have 5 more weeks!
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Unit 2 Lesson 11: Christopher Columbus and Courage

The students wrote in their commonplace books about what they learned today. Read over it and ask questions. Find out what they know and what they most enjoyed in class. 
I would love any feedback you would like to share with me as well for what I can do to help your child/ren.  

We will put more focus on writing in the coming months!

Here's more of what we're learning:


We meet a lot of animals in our class! This week it was Alina's chicken. I love chickens! She should us how big eggs can get, and did you the Jersey Red can grow up to 5 feet tall? She also lead us in a fun chicken game. Thanks Alina!

Daniel C. will teach next week


  • Practice your cursive writing
  • Work on your goals!
  • Keep reading "The Kingi's Fifth" with your family or on your own

Scholar History

Gideon taught the class about board games. He showed us an example of a deck building game- Dominion, a tiling game- Cacassonne, and, a set collecting game- Splendor. We played a little bit of Splendor. I recommend it! Games are a great way to build relationships and practice using logic. 

Kole gets to teach next week!

We also:

  • Discussed: The Great Discovery as a tool to helpi you find out more about yourself and your personal mission. 
  • Students also summarized some ways to write a mission statement and what to watchout for when writing it. 


  • 7 Habits: if your child has not done the Great Discovery, I recommend they do before writing their mission statement.
  • Write your mission statement.
  • Keep reading "The King's Fifth"- of course, you must read it to attend the party!
  • Fill in your accountability report throughout the week and bring it in Tuesday