Unit 2 Lesson 10: the Great Explorers 1400s

Why did the Europeans want to explore the oceans, yet the Aztecs and Chinese didn't? Ask your kids what they can tell you about it. 

Here's more of what we're learning:

  • Quote: "Time flies. And you are the navigator."
  • Greek Roots: Inter- between, among; Dur- hard, lasting
  • History:The great European Ocean Explorers of the 1400s- I let the kids teach the lesson using my power point.
  • Penmanship: e, l 

Next Week: It's time to touch on the life of Christopher Columbus. Let's see if we can learn something we didn't know about him.

 New book! "The King's Fifth" by Scott O'Dell. The book is a great read!

Discussion will be Monday January 7th at 7:00! Start Reading! It's going to be fun!

(You can find it for only $7.99 on Amazon)


We got to meet Tiernan's box turtle today. Did you know a box turtle can live to be over 100 years old? Tiernan fed it some yucky worms, but he wasn't hungry. He had a cool poster display and did a good job telling us all he knew about box turtles. Thanks, Tiernan!

Alina will teach the class Nov. 27th (about 10 min.)

We also got to act out different parts of the ocean explorers story, and make and eat some sailor's bicuits. 


  • Work on your goals!
  • Start reading "The Kingi's Fifth" with your family or on your own

Scholar History

Gideon is next in line to teach on Nov. 27th

We also:

  • Tried making a flexi-hexigon. See if your kids can do it at home. We will work on it in class again next time we meet. 
  • Summarized a topic about the ocean explorers of the 1400s and shared it with the class.
  • Discussed: Begin with the end in mind. Why is it important to have good friends and get an education?


  • 7 Habits "The Great Discovery". We are working towards writing a personal mission statement. 
  • Start reading "The King's Fifth"- of course, you must read it to attend the party!
  • Fill in your accountability report throughout the week and bring it in Tuesday
  • Do your math and penmanship homework.
  • Make a flexi-hexigon. (Vi Hart)