Unit 2 Lesson 8: Vikings Home Life and Religion

Vikings: Daily life, Longhouses, Mythological Gods and the Days of the Week

Here's more of what we're learning:

  • Quote: "Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all" - Hypatia
  • Greek Roots: Mega- Big, Psyche- spirit, mind
  • Mathematician: Hypatia
  • History: Vikings
  • folded paper boats
  • Penmanship: t, i

We had a fabulous Mad Science Party! Thanks to everyone for making it great!

It's this Monday at 7:00! Finish reading Archimedes and the Door of Science- our big group book discussion/party will be Monday, November 5, at 7:00- everyone's invitied.

(Scholars need to have read the book in order to join in this awesome event!)


Daniel K will teach the class Nov. 6th (about 10 min.)


  • Work on your goals!
  • Finsh reading Archimedes and the Door of Science. This is not required, but you will probably enjoy it. Not only will you be smarter, but the book discussion will be more meaningful if you do. Reading as a family or with a parent or sibling is a great idea.

Scholar History

Jarem is next in line to teach on Nov. 6th

We also:

  • Shared why we think our classmates are great! It was a real positive experience.


  • 7 Habits paper: Choose one of 4 assignments to write about- due the 31st!
  • Finish Archimedes and the Door of Science- you must read it to attend the party!
  • Fill in your accountability report throughout the week and bring it in Tuesday