An Inspiring Approach to Learning (ages 8-12)

Hello, I was going to "introduce your child to the marvelous history of world civilizations in Ancient times including Mesopotamia, Israel, Africa, and Native North Americans; westward expansion and industrialization; and World War II. We will explore geography, art, music, science, writing and math that complement the history subjects." 

But I have been working on my bachelor's degree and it requires that I put in a full-time effort this fall to do my demonstration teaching.

So instead of...  

"Along with academics, children will learn “group skills” such as: sharing ideas and interests, respecting others and their property, following rules, taking turns, and effective communication skills.  The class is also geared toward the children's needs and passions.


They are guaranteed to love it!",

I will be learning skills that will help me more effectively mentor your students. I am excited and looking forward to starting Kidshistory again in the 2020/21 school year.


Children will have the opportunty to take a leadership role and teach the class on a rotating basis.

Book discussion parties to be held quarterly in the evening 

Children will keep a history workbook (portfolio) full of activities, maps, and their own narrations/dictations and illustrations. They will participate in writing and/or giving oral reports and sharing their passions with the class.  Each class will begin with the Pledge of Allegiance and a quote and conclude with a discussion and writing/drawing about their new knowledge in their commonplace book.

Methods of Learning: Children will learn through engaging discussions about the world we live in, as well as through projects and activities using art, stories, games, acting, music, and singing.  

Methods of Evaluation: Progress will be evaluated through student perfomance portfolios (binder and commonplace book) as well as participation in, and enjoyment of the class as judged by the student, the parents, and myself.

Cost: $155/month (all necessary supplies are included except for field trip fees, if any)

Class size: limited to 12 students

When: Mondays and Tuesdays 9:00-1:00 (pack a lunch!)

Where: The Cutlers (1158 S. 800 E. Bountiful, Utah)

1stst semester:  September 9 to December 20, 2019

2ndnd semester: January 6 to April 17, 2020

Resources: Story of the World, The Mystery of History, The Good and the Beautiful, Mathematicians are People Too, Great Men of Science, Magic School Bus science experiments, Music and art from the time periods, a time line, and many, many more fun books and activities depending on the interest of the class.


About the Mentor: Hi, I’m Coni Sue Cutler. The wife of my best friend, Jim, and mother of 4 homeschooled children. I love to learn and teach, especially history.  I have a 12 year teaching background in both public and private schools. This will be my 7th year teaching this History class and I thoroughly enjoy it!  I have also mentored youth classes in public speaking, scholar writing, math, and have led both Liberty Girls and Statesmanship clubs. I am currently studying education grades k-8 at Western Governor's University. I also enjoy homeschooling my 4th and youngest child, Kip.  I love to read, play games, hike, run and laugh. I can hardly wait to start mentoring this history class. I would love to have you join us!

This is a class I have taught for years with a lot of success where students have a more engaging experience discussing ideas, doing projects, and going deeper into important issues. This class provides a healthy balance for students to be away from home for 2 days a week in a structured environment, yet still get that needed one-on-one time at home with the 3 Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic) as well as time for any extra-curricular classes they might be taking outside the home. 

Call me with any questions and enrollment information.

I would love to visit with you! (801-296-6447).


More info coming soon!