Looking For a Mentor?

  • Does your child need a little extra help with a certain subject?

  • Do you struggle to find the time and resources needed to give your child an excellent education?

  • I can provide your child with the knowledge and motivation they need to succeed. 

  • Or, perhaps you just need a break for an hour or two in your busy week?

Your child will love spending time learning with me. 



one student: $15/hour

Two Students: $20/hour

Three Students: $30/hour

Four Students: $40/hour

Five Students: (you get the idea)



  • What subjects do you mentor? I can mentor the common subjects (reading, writing, math, science, etc.) and more. Of course, history is my favorite, but I truly love all learning.
  • Can you teach more than 1 subject in a session? Yes.
  • What if I don't know what subjects or level my child needs to learn? Don't worry, I can help! Let's meet and assess your child's needs.
  • What ages do you mentor? Ages 3-15. 
  • What curriculum do you use? The curriculum depends on the wants and needs of you and your child. Ultimately, you chose the topics and curriculum. I am happy to make recommendations and even help custom build one for your child.
  • Do I need to purchace the learning supplies? Yes. I have a good supply of "stuff" that I am happy to share, but ultimately, it's your responsibility to make sure your child has what he/she needs for each session.
  • How often do you recommend my child come for mentoring? An hour once a week or more is best. 
  • Can my child come for more than one hour? You bet!
  • Can you mentor multiple children at once? I would love to! Get a group together and give me a call.

About Coni Sue: Coni Sue is fisrt and formeost a wife to her wonderful husband, Jim, and a forever-homeschooling mom to their 4 children (Cassidy, Joseph, Sophia, and Kip). She loves to learn and work as a mentor/coach.  She has a 14 year teaching background in both charter and private schools. She has also organized and mentored youth classes on public speaking, state mock trial competitions, scholar writing, and math, as well as successfully directed both Liberty Girls and Statesmanship clubs. Currently she is home schooling her youngest son, Kip (14), and is attending Western Governor's University where she will receive her bachelor's degree. She also serves as a state delegate. Along with that, she enjoys reading, playing games, hiking, running and laughing. But mentoring history for the youth is her passion.

Interested or Have questions?  Text or call Coni Sue at 801-296-6447 or email her at conisuecutler@gmail.com