Pythagoras, Pythons, and Greeks, Oh my!

Unit 1 Lesson 2 (9/11/18)

Awesome day!

Take 5 minutes with your child to look through thier commonplace book and binder. They write down what they learn and should be able to teach you a lot. This allows you to connect and discuss ideas with your child, and it's a good review for your child of what they learned.


Topics of the day:

  • A python named Luna! (Thanks Will!)
  • Greece: Athens, Sparta, and their daily life
  • The Battle of Marathon (Athens vs. Persia), the Peloponnesian War (Athens vs. Sparta). Ask your child who won?
  • Where did we get our alphabet?
  • The phases of the moon- yes, oreos were involved
  • Pythagoras, his famous theorem and his life: we did a puzzle making a small square into a bigger square by simply adding a square shaped piece.

Next week:

  • Julia and Stuart will teach the class (5- 10 min. about something you are passionate about)
  • Alexander the Great
  • Introduction to Ancient China

Kidshistory homework:

  • Keep your eye out for buildings with colums! Can you tell if it is ionic, doric, or corinthian? Come back and tell the class about it for a prize!
  • Read Archimedes and the Door of Science for 20 minutes and see what you think of the book.

Scholarhistory homework

  • Accountablility Report: Record their hours in it daily and bring it back Tuesday for a prize. This will help the kids see how much time they spend on each subject. 
  • 7 habits: Habits- can you change a habit?: Students considered good and bad habits and the consequences of both. They chose 1 bad habit that they would like to replace with a good one, and are challenged to work on it for 21 days. 
  • Read 1 hour this week from Archimedes and the Door of Science. Reading it as a family is a great idea! We will all discuss it at our party on the 5th of November 7pm.
  • Read Paradigms and Principles in the 7 Habits For Highly Effective Teens
  • Watch for columns where ever you go this week. Can you tell what kind it is? If you see one, tell us about it in class for a prize. Take a pic. or draw one of it!
  • Stuart teaches the class

Have a wonderful homeschooling week!